Nov žetveni stroj Hemp harvesting header HHH 3,5

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Tip žetveni stroj
Leto 2018
Neto teža 3400 kg
Dolžina vozila 4.51 m
Lokacija Hrvaška Virovitica
Datum objave mar 08, 2020
Autoline ID EG16681
Pokritost 3.5 m
Delovna hitrost 6 km/h
Splošne dimenzije 7.1 m × 3.21 m × 3.41 m
Transportne mere 4.51 m × 3.21 m × 3.41 m
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Agroservis – proizvodnja company has developed this machine to simplyfile hemp flower harvesting process. Our developing team has constructed machine which has possibility to quickly attach od deattach on front tractor loader, reducing delays in overall tractor performances and as well eliminates need for additional agricultural machinery because this machine is easily connected on existing mechanisation farmer possesses. By that all additional costs, one of purchasing of new (specialised) equipmend, are eliminated

Main advantages of machine:
• saves time
• reduces costs
• saves space

Machine properties:
➢ quick and easy attachment on tractor
➢ avoids complications of harvesting hemp
➢ compact dimensions

One of main advantages, this machine of our has, is that it is designed for simplicite and quick attachment on tractor, allowing machine to be quickly attached on existing front tractor loader which results with possibility of immediate usage of machine. By completion of its task, machine is easily disconnected and disposed, and tractor (on which machine was previously connected) is ready to perform other tasks. By that this machine can be described as multifunctional machine that saves time. Because of hemp characteristics, many manufacturers of self propelled (combine) harvesters distances themselfs (and their machines) from hemp harvesting with their products. This machine avoids complications resulted by wrapping of hemp fibers around machine parts. Because of that, and because of high costs of purchasting of self propelled (combine) harvesters this machine is excellent sollution for farmers because it reduces costs of hemp harvesting. One of characteristics of this machine are also his compact dimensions, especially compared to combine harvesters. That dimensions are especially important during time when machine is not used, when machine is storaged, so we can say that this machine saves space.
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